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Tee-Ball Eligibility and Rules

T-Ball Rules

  1. Boys and Girls ages 5-6 will be allowed to play. A Boy or Girl age 4 may be allowed to play but a pareny MUST coach that team and also must have board approval before registering.  

  2. T-Ball will play an average of 12 games per season, with an average of 2 games per week through the season. Games can be any evening Monday through Friday, with a set time of 6:00pm or 7:00pm.

  3. Games last 1 hour or 3 full innings, whichever comes first.  No new inning should start after 45 minutes of play.  Home team will maintain the game clock.

  4. All players must wear a batting helmet when batting.

  5. There is an on-deck circle!  There will be no swinging of the bats off the field during games other than the act of hitting or at the on-deck circle.  Players must remain in the dugout until it is their turn to hit.  Bats must be behind the fence out of infield play.

  6. Outs / Score Reporting:  Outs will not be recorded; the inning shall end once all offensive players have completed their turn at bat.  There will also be no recorded scores or standings in T-ball.

  7. Each team must employ a “bat-around” batting order, consisting of all team members present.  The batting order MUST change each inning so that players experience different situations.

  8. The batters will use a Tee positioned on home plate to hit the ball.  The batter will continue to swing until the ball is put into fair play.  Coach pitch may be implemented in the 3rd inning of play.

  9. For the coach pitch inning, each batter will get 6 pitches to hit.   If not successful after the 6th pitch, then the tee will be set up on the plate to continue until the ball is put in play.  There is no limit on the number of swings a player gets off the tee.

  10. There are no overthrows to any base.  A runner may not advance due to a throwing error.  Once a player attempts to make a play at a base the play is considered dead.

  11. Offensive team must announce their last batter when they are about to enter the batter’s box.  The last batter in the lineup will, upon a hit, run all the bases.  Runners on base at that time will also contact each base before going back to the dugout.  After the last batter reaches home plate the teams shall change sides.

  12. All players shall take the field each inning.  Players must rotate positions each inning in the field.

  13. There is no catcher position in T-ball.

  14. Each player should begin each play behind the diagonal line marked on the field.

  15. Players should remain on the field and in their positions until the opposing team has their last batter hit and cleared the bases.  Once the last batter crosses home plate, then teams should switch sides.

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