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IVC Travel Softball

The IVC Travel Softball Program was created in 2019 by a joint effort of the two house softball programs  (Mossville and Chillicothe) within the IVC #321 School District. Our goal is to provide players an opportunity to develop an understanding of the skills, fundamentals, and heart of the game of softball in a demanding and encouraging community environment. We aim to use the experience as a catalyst to build a strong foundation in character, integrity and teamwork.

2021 IVC Travel Softball

  10U IVC Ghost
  Annette Brand 24
  Joanna Forbis 9
  Sophey Adcock 39
  Emily Ellington 
  Hensley Jackson 11
  Melodie Jackson 58
  Taryn Johnigk 1
  Harper Miller 90
  Pailynn Moore 99
  Paisley Moore 21
  Riley Ribordy 13
  Addison Siggers 2
  Ellie Wirtz 15
  Coach: Jeff Brand 

    12U IVC Ghost  
   Madeline Bazyn 17  
   Jemah Culbertson 12  
   Morgan Ellington 11  
   Emersyn Fleming 23  
   Calla Gibala 3  
   Nevaeh Hatchett-Polk 10  
   Josie Krause 77  
   Kayt Miller 14  
   Ali Motteler 5  
   Payton Suhr 27  
   Cecilia Tiller 38  
   Taylor Zannacker 99  
   Coach: Tim Bazyn   

  14U IVC Ghost 
  Allison Anderson15  
  Abby Bazyn 2 
  Sophie Beaumont 8 
  Onyx Burdette 44 
  Layla Campbell 28 
  Nora Connett 23 
  Teagan Fleming 19 
  Caitlyn Gillette 6 
  Jordann Hangartner 1 
  Ella Hill 11 
  Alivia Houser 7 
  Lauren Koch 3 
  Elaina Zick 14 
  Coach: Bill Connett